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Promoting Active Participation by Female Employees

New employees by gender

New employees by gender

At DyDo DRINCO, we promote active hiring of women as one of our efforts to secure diverse human resources.
Going forward, we will actively hire motivated women even more than before, and foster a corporate culture friendly to active, working women.

Mai Tsugane, Retail Sales Department
Yui Tsugane
Retail Sales Department,

After taking child-raising leave for about one year after having my first child, I returned to work via the company’s reduced working hours program. At the time, I was intent on picking up where I left off and doing the same sales work that I had been doing before taking child-raising and maternal leave, even if that meant my working hours would change. Today I’m responsible for sales activities targeting not only supermarkets in the Tokyo area, but also companies operating online stores. Despite my desire to work as before, sometimes I have to take time off abruptly, for example when my child has a fever. I’m grateful to the other employees in my department for their willingness to offer me support at such times.
My goal going forward is to deepen my knowledge of the online retail industry, where I’m responsible for sales, and to become a specialist in the online retail channel at DyDo. Looking a little bit further into the future, I look forward to challenging myself in the international business, which was my goal when I initially joined the company, once my parenting responsibilities settle down.

Supporting Active Participation by Seniors

DyDo DRINCO has a full system for re-employment of retiring senior staff, and actively employs those hoping for re-employment. Our aim is to have retired workers extensive experience enjoy worthwhile employment in an environment where they are used to working. This system furthermore ties into passing down wisdom and know-how from veterans to younger generations of employees.

Hiring People with Disabilities

At DyDo DRINCO, we strive to hire people with disabilities always at above the statutory rate. We strive to create a workplace environment where each person can fully exploit their strengths and capabilities, and work to enable everyone to grow together.
As of January , 2021, our hiring rate for people with disabilities was 2.61%, exceeding the statutory rate. Going forward, we will continue our active hiring and improvement of the workplace environment.

Active Hiring of Individuals with Overseas Experience

At DyDo DRINCO, we are working to actively hire Japanese and foreign students who have studied abroad, and personnel with international business experience, in order to promote globalization. As part of that, we are participating in career forums held overseas, and have adopted an autumn entry system for graduates of overseas universities.

Yuma Sakaga International Business Department
Yuma Sakaga
International Business Department,

Reflecting my desire to find a job that transcends national borders, I studied abroad in the U.S. after graduating from college in order to master the language and earn trading qualifications. When I participated in a job search forum over there, I felt that DyDo’s corporate culture offered support to employees who want to embrace such challenges, so I decided to join the company. Since doing so, my responsibilities have involved the development of new businesses in countries DyDo is entering for the first time, as well as sales and exports to overseas business partners. As a new challenge, I’ve been planning and orchestrating development of DyDo’s first functionally labeled beverage created exclusively for the overseas market , and currently I’m focusing my energy on increasing sales of that product, primarily in Hong Kong.
Overseas, it’s common to be confronted by unexpected barriers that derive from social conditions and cultural background. New challenges arise daily, but I feel that I’m able to do sales and strategic planning work in a flexible manner by accepting differences in ways of thinking and customs between Japan and foreign countries thanks to my experience living overseas. Nothing makes me happier than to see products lined up on shelves and customers purchasing them.

Reduced Working Hours

At DyDo DRINCO, we have an elective system of reduced working hours to support employees who want to balance work with child or nursing care. Working hours can be shortened by up to two hours per day while raising a child 12 years old or younger.
Employees with a family member requiring nursing care can shorten their regular working hours by up to two hours per day for up to a maximum of three years per family.