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Training and education of employees

At DyDo DRINCO, we try to develop in our personnel the confidence to be proactive, set high goals, and take on challenges without being afraid to fail. We want them to develop into capable individuals who can carry out business globally. At the same time we want them to pursue personal growth and help draw out the strengths of their teams, keeping in mind what it takes to live and work harmoniously with others.

Fair Evaluations and Improving Employee Motivation

At DyDo DRINCO, we strive to assign the right personnel to the right post through an overall evaluation of performance, conduct, and ability, and we aim to bring out the desires and capabilities of each person to the fullest. We fairly evaluate each employee's abilities and refuse to engage in any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, race, nationality or other individual attributes.

Training System

At DyDo DRINCO, we aim to develop and improve employee capabilities through two types of training: level-specific training to promote understanding of the knowledge and approaches needed at each level, and department-specific training for acquiring specialized skills. In addition, we have a training program called DyDo Innovation Academy to develop and select the next generation of executives who will play a leading role in our sustained growth and development.

Level-Specific Training: Follow-up Training for Junior Employees

At DyDo DRINCO, follow-up training for junior employees is conducted with themes suited to the number of years employed. In this training, employees in their first five years after graduation look back on their own growth, improve their work performance, and gain new perspectives.

Training themes for the first five years for new graduate hires (actual themes for FY2016)
Year Theme
1st year

Acquire basic skills as a working adult and knowledge about the company; foster teamwork through a presentation assignment

2nd year

Review the past year (verification of set goals, taking stock, self-analysis) and recognize any gaps between one's present situation and expectations of coworkers

3rd year

Learn about interpersonal relationships and coaching to achieve further personal growth through engaging with others

4th year

Learn about instructing subordinates and facilitation to become a person who can maximize organizational strength

5th year

Improve perspective and viewpoint through in-basket exercises, and take stock of future growth issues, as a way of becoming a person who can be a driving force within the organization

Training System Training System
Department-Specific Training

At DyDo DRINCO, we conduct training aimed at improving sales skills for the sales department. Through understanding sales strategies and sharing success stories, we aim to help each employee improve their sales skills and further accelerate their sales activities.

Next-Generation Executive Training/Selection Program: DyDo Innovation Academy

At DyDo DRINCO, we have a long-term training program, DyDo Innovation Academy, for mid-level employees. The objective is to develop and select the next generation of executives to play leadership roles in our organization’s sustained growth and development. Through combined off- and on-the-job training programs, we plan to help employees acquire problem- and issue-solving skills, management literacy, and help them to strengthen their leadership skills.

Creating a System for Communication
Creating a System for Communication

DyDo DRINCO publishes DBV Magazine, an internal newsletter for employees, twice a year in order to stimulate communication among employees at different facilities and sharing of expertise accumulated around Japan. Issues of the magazine introduce initiatives being undertaken at various facilities along with the communities in which those facilities operate and their employees. The overriding goal is to deepen internal communication and create an organization that can take maximum advantage of expertise.

Employee Challenge Support System

To continue delivering new value to customers and society, we at DyDo DRINCO believe it is crucial for each employee to have their own vision and continually strive to make it a reality. We therefore have a system for taking on dynamic challenges that transcend department boundaries. Among efforts proposed using this system and carried through to realization, we award commendations to those which have made special contributions to improving our corporate value.

Yoshiyuki Koizumi Tokyo Sales Department II DyDo DRINCO, Inc.
Yoshiyuki Koizumi
Sales Management Department,

I wanted to create opportunities for the children who will be our future to enjoyably learn the internal workings and fascinating features of vending machines, and so using the challenge support system, I proposed a "Vending Machine Education Workshops." A project team was launched with members of various departments who shared the same vision, and today we are carrying out planning and running of events that make children beam with smiles. Recently we have been progressing in stages toward a company-wide effort, with more employees buying into this purpose. I believe that this project was realized thanks to a corporate climate where each employee can freely put out ideas like "I want to take up this challenge!" and a system where the company provides backup for such initiatives.

"Innovation Valley"
Innovation Valley

At DyDo DRINCO, our employees independently plan and organize "Innovation Valley", a forum for active exchange of views and development of innovative ideas. Volunteer participants from facilities (bases, sales offices, branch offices) all over Japan create ideas through workshops, and aim to realize ideas by integrating the knowledge and know-how of each participant.

Internal Job Posting System

DyDo DRINCO employs an internal job posting system that aims to improve employee motivation and invigorate the organization. The system makes it possible for individual employees to develop their own careers and take on new challenges in the section of their choice within the Group.

Naonori Yoshihara Nishinihon Daini Sales Department DyDo DRINCO, Inc.
Naonori Yoshihara
Nishi Nihon Daini Sales Department,

During my 16 years at DyDo, I’ve been responsible for the vending machine sales channel, which involves operations such as replenishing drinks in vending machines and choosing which products to sell in them. At one point I had a chance to become involved with sales activities as part of an effort to secure new locations for vending machines. Because I’ve never forgotten the sense of fun and pleasure that work gave me, and because I wanted to test my own potential, I responded to an internal job posting for a sales coordinator position and was chosen for the post. Sales sounds simple enough as a word, but in reality one has to be flexible and adapt to the situation at hand since different customers have different needs. And it’s not just about sales skills; there’s a ton of knowledge to memorize, so I spend my days with a notebook in one hand trying to gain a good understanding of the responsibilities I need to carry out. After transferring to my new job, I learned about the hard work and story that leads to an installation contract through experience and in doing so gained a new understanding of the value of each and every vending machine that we install. Going forward, my goal is to build the skills I’ll need to become a trusted sales coordinator who can offer solutions to customers’ issues while helping achieve the company’s goal of increasing closed location vending machines* to 50% of the total installed base.

*Locations such as offices and manufacturing plants where we can expect stable sales

Internet Self-Declaration

At DyDo DRINCO, we strive to assign the right personnel to the right post and have implemented a system where employees can submit self-declarations to the company online. These declarations include information such as difficulty of work, satisfaction, fulfillment, and future career steps.

Support for Self-Development

At DyDo DRINCO, DyDo Beverage Service, and DyDo Business Service, we are aiming to foster a corporate culture of striving for personal growth, and working to build an environment where employees actively work toward self-improvement. As part of that, we have introduced an e-learning program where employees can learn anytime, anywhere.

Two-Way Communication with the President
Two-Way Communication with the President

In the DyDo Group, the president visits every region of the country and conducts DyDo Offsite Meetings for direct dialog with employees. At these meetings, the president and DyDo personnel exchange frank views on such topics as the vision, strengths, and issues of the DyDo Group, thereby deepening understanding of the direction the DyDo Group is aiming for, and developing a workplace environment with good communication to facilitate the free exchange of opinions.

Comment Box for Collecting Ideas from Employees

At DAIDO Pharmaceutical, we have an Internal Improvement Proposal System to collect ideas from employees relating to a wide variety of themes, ranging from upgrading product quality or work efficiency, to improving the working environment. We receive about 200 ideas over the course of the year and commend employees who submit particularly outstanding ideas.
We also have other programs, such as "Close Call Reports," for reporting cases where an incident does not result in a serious accident or disaster but still poses a risk. We have built this system so that any employee at any time can submit ideas and views, and share them with the rest of the company.