DyDo Group Holdings

DyDo Group “Matsuri” of Japan

The DyDo Group delivers delicious and healthy products to our customers in partnership with various stakeholders in the fields of domestic beverages, pharmaceuticals, and food, and also in overseas business fields.
For instance, our domestic beverage business, which makes up approximately 70% of the Group’s gross sales, is built on trust-based relationships with local communities and our other stakeholders throughout the entire business process, from the manufacturing of beverages, the delivery of products, the installation of vending machines, and the restocking of vending machines, to recycling.
Our gratitude for this serves as important values in the DyDo Group’s business. We also believe that our sustainable business growth originates in the continued liveliness of local communities.

The DyDo Group “Matsuri” of Japan project (matsuri: festival) was launched in 2003 under the DyDo Group’s corporate philosophy of “Creating happiness and prosperity, together with people and with society. To achieve this goal, the DyDo Group will continue to embrace new challenges in a dynamic way.”
We started this project with the hope of making local people happy, helping them live richer lives, and assisting in strengthening their ties and invigorating local communities, through long-cherished traditional festivals around the country. Our support efforts reached their 18th year in 2020.

Festivals not only reflect local cultures and histories but also support the future of local communities.
Invigorating festivals energizes local communities and, by extension, Japan as a whole.
With the hope of passing on traditional Japanese culture to future generations, the DyDo Group will continue to contribute to the revitalization of communities hand-in-hand with local people and governments.

Right beside the soul of Japan