DyDo Group Holdings

Risk Management

We consider risks to be various factors that obstruct us from achieving our business strategy based on our corporate philosophy. We have therefore established basic matters regarding the group's risk management system based on our Basic Policy Regarding the Building of an Internal Control System, aimed at implementing sound and effective risk management.

Group Risk Management Committee

The Group Risk Management Committee, which meets twice a year, is a standing committee that evaluates risk management policies and important risks, and approves of risk management provisions. It also verifies the effectiveness of the control situation and provides guidance on remedial measures.

Board of Directores
Group Crisis
Management Committee
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Internal Control Officer
Members of the Group Crisis Management Committee
Audit Department
Auditing of overall control situation
Risk management promotion departments of the company's divisions and consolidated subsidiaries
Coordination and information sharing
Risk management status reporting

Group Crisis Management Committee

The Group Crisis Management Committee was set up to prepare for the possibility of a crisis that threatens to seriously impact the group. The committee will set up an emergency headquarters in the event of a crisis to establish a system for the quick implementation of these measures: (1) Collect and analyze information; (2) Evaluate events; (3) Review, decide on and implement countermeasures; and (4) Review external PR (press conferences, newspaper ads, corporate announcements, etc.).

Emergency Response Manual

Our Emergency Response Manual sets out rules of conduct for when a crisis occurs that requires emergency measures to be taken. Procedures are aimed at protecting the safety of employees, securing corporate assets, preventing the spread of damage, and quickly restoring the business and business operations.

Information Security Manual

Following our Basic Policy on Information Security, we have prepared an Information Security Manual aimed at strengthening our information management system by setting guidelines and stipulating employee training for each specific area of business activities.