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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the website of DyDo Group Holdings, Inc.

Visitors to the website of the Company (the "Website") are requested to first carefully read and agree to the matters stated in the following paragraphs concerning the use of the Website. Moreover, in cases where additional terms of use have been established elsewhere on the Website such as for user registrations or registrations for campaigns, visitors are requested when accessing individual services to first peruse and agree to the applicable terms of use.

Please be reminded that customers who use the Website are deemed to have agreed to all of the following items.

1. Concerning the handling of personal information

The Company is aware of the importance of personal information and promises to handle the personal information of customers in accordance with the privacy policy of the Company. For information concerning the handling of personal information specific to the Website, customers are requested to use the following links.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights to the content of the Website are the property of the Company. For the personal use of individual customers, the Website can be downloaded and printed or stored on personal computers of individual customers, but may not be reproduced on other websites or in printed works. Without the permission of the Company, no content of the Website may be employed for secondary usage such as copying, diversion to other uses, or sale.

The copyrights to electronic mail transmissions from the Company to customers remain also the property of the Company. Without the authorization of the Company electronic mail may not be diverted to different websites or printed works, etc., and may not without the permission of the Company, in part or in total, be diverted, employed for secondary uses, or used for any other purposes.

3. Trademarks

Trademarks displayed on the Website are either the property of the Company or the property of the rights holder who has granted user license to the Company. Trademarks may not be used without the authorization of the rights holder.

4. Links

Linking to the Website is generally permitted. However, the Company categorically refuses links from sites that contravene public order and morals or are unlawful. Links to the Website of the Company should be clearly marked as such and should connect to the URL of the homepage of the Website.

5. Posted information

Although the Company exercises utmost care in the posting of information on the Website, no warranty is offered with regard to posted information's accuracy and appropriateness or fitness and safety for specific purposes of use. The Company accepts no liability for any damages that arise to a customer from the use of posted information or from unavailability for use, regardless of the reason. Moreover, the Company accepts no liability for adverse effects on customers' software or hardware, or any other damages, that arise from the use of the Website.

6. Linked websites

Websites of third parties with links from or to the Website ("Third-Party Linked Websites") are managed at the responsibility of the companies that operate the sites concerned. Links from or to Third-Party Linked Websites signify no recommendation of the Company to use a Third-Party Linked Website nor a recommendation of any posted products and services, etc., and signify no special relationship with a Third-Party Linked Website. The Company accepts no liability for the content and use of Third-Party Linked Websites.

7. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The validity, construction, and operation, etc., of these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Unless agreed otherwise, the Osaka District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction with respect to dispute in connection with the Website or agreement provisions.

Queries concerning the terms of use, etc., can be made by e-mail through the contact stated below.

Established January 21, 2017