History of DyDo Group

1940–1950s Founding Period

Start of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

DAIDO Pharmaceutical Corporation established

Our company has roots in a one-man business. Our founder was a salesman who sold medicine under the centuries-old Japanese business model of visiting homes and leaving medicine on a "use first, pay later" basis. Every home used to have a medicine box filled with cold medicine, digestive medicine, and other remedies. A family would use any of the medicine when needed and pay for it when the salesman next came around. Keeping a close relationship with each household was a vital part of the company's founding spirit that the DyDo Group maintains today.

DyDo's founder established DAIDO Pharmaceutical Corporation which functioned to expand the home-visit medicine sales business and make forays into the manufacture of pharmaceuticals with a focus on energy drinks. In the 1970s, with Japan in a period of high economic growth, the number of vehicles on the roads rapidly increased. At parking lots along major roads, we set up showcases filled with energy drinks. These gained popular traction with truck drivers and sales expanded greatly.

1970–1980s Growth Period

Start of Beverage Sales

DAIDO K.K. founded (today beverage sales are handled by DyDo DRINCO, Inc.)

Along with energy drinks, the company began focusing on canned coffee, which served the same purpose of helping people to stay awake, starting a new beverage sales business. This business also began expanding steadily to become a second core business. DAIDO K.K. was consequently established to take over the beverage sales business.
Later, vending machines were developed that could sell both hot and cold canned drinks simultaneously, and the popularity of vending machines exploded across Japan. We expanded vending machines sales throughout the country, creating the beverage vending machine network run by DyDo DRINCO today.

DAIDO Pharmaceutical began to specialize in the manufacture of energy drinks, switching to the current business model of OEM production, and achieving steady, continuous growth.

1990s–2000s Period of Development–Maturation Period

Stable Growth of Beverage Sales

DyDo DRINCO Inc. listed on stock exchange (today: DyDo Group Holdings)

The number of our vending machines across Japan reached 200,000 and the DyDo canned coffee with the DyDo flag as its symbol gained a high level of recognition throughout the country. With this strong business base, the company went public in 2001.

2010s on To the Next Stage of Growth

New Businesses and Expansion into Overseas Markets

Tarami Corporation becomes consolidated subsidiary


Expansion into Russia


Expansion into Malaysia


Expansion into Turkey


Shift to holding company system

Currently, DyDo DRINCO has a network of 280,000 vending machines around Japan.
There are approximately 2.55 million beverage vending machines in Japan—about one for every 50 citizens*, and they have become a familiar part of people's lives. To continue generating a steady cash flow from this business we are revamping our earnings structure. The group is also aggressively investing in new businesses, based on the cash flow generated by this business.
First, we made Tarami Corporation into a consolidated subsidiary. Tarami develops, manufactures, and sells fruit dessert jelly products and holds the top share of this market in Japan. It has become the third core business of the group in terms of consolidated results.
In addition, we aim to grow our top line outside of Japan, expanding into new regions and building that foundation.
* As of December 31, 2015

In January 2017 we shifted to a holding company structure, aiming, through stronger governance, to bolster the group's business management system and build an organizational system capable of investing flexibly in new business areas. DyDo Group Holdings was born, and we will continue taking steady steps to reach the next stage of growth.