Interview with the President

Tomiya Takamatsu became President and Representative Director in April 2014—a time when there were major changes in the management environment due to the increase in Japanese consumption tax and other factors. President Takamatsu will lead the DyDo Group in a business environment that is changing at a dizzying pace. Here we interview him to see what sort of person he is, and what sort of ideas he has in mind.

(as of April 2016)

Tomiya Takamatsu
  • Future of the DyDo Group
  • Progress and Lessons as a Manager
  • The True Face of a Manager

Future of the DyDo Group

Q. As president, what is your future vision of the DyDo Group?

A perpetually developing corporate group

It has been more than 40 years since our company was founded, but there are companies which continue to prosper for 100 or 200 years and beyond through changing times and environments. I think that is wonderful, and what the DyDo Group should shoot for. The most important point for perpetual development is to clarify our raison d'être as a company, and share that with stakeholders in the form of our corporate philosophy—the crucial standard of value for management. On the other hand, it is important to continue providing society with new value suited to changes in the times and the environment. To do that, we will actively take up challenges such as business model innovation, establishment of new businesses, and M&A, and in that process too, return to the corporate philosophy that is the standard of value we should abide by. In this way, we should be able to realize steady development as a company.

Q. What principles do you seek to uphold as DyDo's third president?

Having the resolve and courage to take up challenges

The roots of our group lie in a post-war business model of salesmen visiting homes and leaving medicine on a "use first, pay later" basis. From there, we began manufacturing pharmaceuticals and energy drinks, and then shifted toward our current business of selling canned coffee from vending machines. Through this process we have tackled various challenges in our quest to survive, such as selling adhesive plasters, candy, and malt beverages procured from overseas. Thus we have built up today's assets of the group, through a mindset of facing challenges without fear of failure. In the future too, our group will have to create new value and new assets for the next generation, while the times and the environment continue to change. We will strive for perpetual development by working with the resolve and courage to meet challenges with the same spirit that we have valued since our founding.

Q. What efforts are you passionate about?

Establishing next-generation standards in the vending machine business

Starting with Smile STAND, a new service linking customers and vending machines whose introduction began in April 2016, we will establish networked vending machines as a platform enabling various companies to provide services. In order for new goods and services to be disseminated to society and become established, the current jumble of things will have to be narrowed down. To establish our IoT-enabled vending machines as the next-generation information platform, the key will be working as an open platform, that is not just chosen by consumers, but which also welcomes a variety of companies to avail of their features. We will create a foundation upon which many companies can deploy a wide range of services, and thereby satisfy the needs of many people.