DyDo Group Holdings


Efforts for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Going Paperless

We have introduced an electronic conferencing system in the board room at the head office for company executives to lead the way in paperless efforts.
Also, mobile devices are distributed to employees to reduce the volume of printouts and make business talks more timely and efficient.


At DyDo DRINCO, we often use motorized vehicles for operations and sales to visit clients and are thus actively introducing eco-friendly vehicles. Furthermore, we are promoting eco-driving measures at all of our business sites.

Environmental Promotion Subsidy

DyDo DRINCO introduced an environmental promotion subsidy in January 2008 for employees who ride a bicycle to work instead of driving a car. The effort began as a way to encourage taking personal action toward the environment on a day-to-day basis. Besides benefiting the environment, each employee also benefits health-wise from the switch to a bicycle commute, and the system is growing in popularity among its users.

Kazuya Matsumoto IT Management Patners Inc.
Kazuya Matsumoto
(IT Management Patners Inc.)

I have been availing of the environmental promotion subsidy system for several years and it is particularly suited to people like me, who are interested in a "lifestyle of health and sustainability" which goes by the name LOHAS these days. I feel that exercising every day keeps a person healthy, relieves stress, and brings a balance that allows a person to concentrate on his or her job. My awareness of traffic safety during commutes has also increased. I think this system is great for the new age and hope that more DyDo employees decide to take advantage of it.

Factory Eco Efforts

At DAIDO Pharmaceutical, a committee to promote energy savings meets to set energy reduction targets and devise plans for reducing energy consumption. Priority is given to upgrading factory equipment that offers better environmental performance, while investigations are conducted to ensure that energy is not being wasted. All together, we are making efforts to effectively utilize energy while guaranteeing quality.