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DyDo Group Health Declaration

As we work to give shape to the DyDo Group’s Philosophy, we believe it is important to ensure all employees can maximize their individuality and abilities so that they can consistently overcome the challenges of their jobs. In keeping with our belief that good health provides the basis on which employees can boldly embrace such ambitious challenges , we have adopted the DyDo Group Health Declaration.

DyDo Group Health Declaration

Based on the DyDo Group’s corporate slogan of “Offering delicious products for sound mind and body”, from the 1970s to today, we continue to offer our customers drinks and foods.
DyDo Group Philosophy is as follows.
“Creating happiness and prosperity, together with people and with society.
To achieve this goal, the DyDo Group will continue to embrace new challenges in a dynamic way.”
As this philosophy, we believe that each employee in DyDo group should be sound in mind and body.
For this reason, we undertake actions to maintain and improve employees’ health with the leadership of the president.
In addition, employees themselves promise to raise their health awareness and strive to create a comfortable work environment where they can maintain and improve their health.

September 20th , 2019
Tomiya Takamatsu
DyDo Group Holdings, Inc

DyDo Group Structures Promoting Health Management
  • Report
  • Direction
Division Director, HR & General Affairs Department
  • Report
  • Direction
  • Outside experts Coordination
    Occupational physicians
    Clinical psychologists and counselors
  • Coordination
  • HR & General Affairs Department
    Manager in Charge of Head Office Health and Safety
    Manager in Charge of Worksite HR & General Affairs
  • Coordination
  • Insurer
    (Japan Health Insurance Association)
Provision of education and information