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Group Mission 2030

The spirit of striving to achieve happiness and prosperity together, one that we have carefully crafted over the years since we first opened our doors and which has become an integral part of our corporate culture itself, is also in line with the principle of the SDGs of “leaving no one behind”. Through our business activities, the DyDo Group will contribute to the aim of the SDGs to create a sustainable society.

The business environment in which we find ourselves is going through significant and rapid changes. We developed our Group Mission 2030—“For DyDo Group to create enjoyable, healthy lifestyles for people around the world”—in January 2019, based on our belief that we should not think about what we do as an extension of our operations in the past, but instead look a little further ahead at where we want to be in the future so that the DyDo Group can contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and continue to grow in this changing environment.

Of these changes, the one that will have the greatest impact on the business models is Japan’s changing demographics. As the population ages and lives longer, people's awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle is expected to rise. We believe that our mission is to provide value to people so that they can lead healthy lifestyles. In order to achieve this, we have specified the ideal image and direction of our Group for each of the four themes and drawn up a roadmap to achieve this.

The global spread of COVID-19 since early 2020 is having a drastic impact on the very nature of society. While we have not changed our vision of what we want to be, we will reframe these major social changes as opportunities to further accelerate the efforts we have made to date and transform the vending machine business for which DyDo DRINCO is responsible into sustainable models. In addition to the existing businesses. such as contract manufacturing for pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs, as well as food operations of the fruit jelly manufacturer, Tarami, we will acquire new businesses through M&A and develop new markets that transcend the boundaries between pharmaceuticals and beverages/foods, to build a second pillar for business outside the drink industry.

For DyDo Group to create enjoyable, healthy lifestyles for people around the world

Together with our customers.
Nurturing our customers’ health
We will deliver products and services that help improve health and quality of life for our customers around the world, in a tireless quest for delicious taste.
Together with society.
Taking the lead in social reform
We will take the lead in social reform, going beyond conventional wisdoms to adopt new perspectives for achieving a sustainable society.
Together with the next generation.
Creating new value for future generations
We will take advantage of innovative technologies, bringing surprise and delight to all of our stakeholders.
Together with our people.
Connecting people to people
We will seek out new ways to form mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, both old and new, within and outside the company, working flexibly with them and respecting the diversity of their values and abilities.

Basic policy

Building a robust business portfolio characterized by high growth, profitability, and efficiency

  • Operating margin in consolidated results
  • Innovation in the Domestic Beverage Business Oparating core DyDo Group businesses by ensuring they play a more useful and immediate role in daily life based on changes in the times and diversifying customer needs 6
  • Expansion in overseas business development Boosting overseas sales to 20% or more of all Group sales by offering delicious products for sound mind and body worldwide 5
  • Development of a second major source of revenue through non-beverage business Identifying the health care market as a growth sector, developing new markets that transcend the barriers between medicine and food, and building businesses in the health care segment that integrate closely with existing businesses so that they can serve as a second major source of revenue 10
Basic policy of the Group Mission 2030 and portfolio image for 2030
Basic policy of the Group Mission 2030 and portfolio image for 2030
This figure is for illustrative purposes only.
The size of the circles indicates the amount of operating profit (fiscal 2018 in lighter colors and fiscal 2030 in darker colors).


The Group Mission 2030 divides the 12-year run-up to 2030 into three phases: a platform-strengthening and investment stage, a growth stage, and an achievement stage.

  • 2019
  •  [ Profit image ]
    Business as usual
    Corporate activities
    during each stage
     [ Corporate activities during each stage ]
  • Platform-strengthening and investment stage
    Growth stage
    Achievement stage
    • ・Implementing measures to improve profitability in each business
    • ・Studying and implementing selection and consolidation measures in the International Beverage Business
    • ・Carrying out investments to secure business growth (strategic investments in existing businesses and M&As for new business, etc.)
    • ・Building and fostering the development of new business models in the vending machine business
    • ・Rebuilding the business strategy overseas
    • ・Cultivating the orphan drug business and other new businesses in the health care segment
    • ・Achieving innovation in the Domestic Beverage Business
    • ・Boosting overseas sales to 20% of overall sales
    • ・Tranforming our businesses in the health care segment into a second major source of revenue
    Bedoming a Group that creates enjoyable, healthy lifestyles for people around the world
Mid term Business Plan 2021

Resolving social issues through our businesses: Initiatives to address ESG issues

The DyDo Group has grown together through mutually beneficial relationships with the stakeholders around us. As the pace of change rushes on, we believe that it is now time for us to take this close and direct relationship with our stakeholders and extend that spirit beyond to other areas to allow us to continue to grow in a sustainable way.

We aim to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by using our strengths to find solutions to the challenges that society faces and will strive to continue to grow together with our stakeholders in the next 50 and 100 years into the future.

DyDo Group SDGs Declaration

Human Resources Strategy

The DyDo Group positions investment in human resources as the most important issue for sustainable growth and raising corporate value over the medium to long term. We will seek out new ways to strengthen our human resources management system from the three perspectives set out in our human resources strategy and promote mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders while respecting the diversity of their values and abilities.

Strengthening management structures to achieve the Group Mission 2030
  • Securing human capital
    • ・Strengthening holding company functions and hiring career employees who can make an immediate contribution to new businesses
    • ・Hiring new graduates based on future needs
  • Fostering the development of human resources
    • ・Training a new generation of management candidates
    • ・Training workers to perform global jobs
    • ・Training specialist
  • Assining an transferring human resources
    • ・Reallocating management resources in an optimal manner through tranfers betweeen Group companies
    • ・Accumulating new experties by seconding employees to outside companies
Mid term Business Plan 2021