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We select masterpieces from the TV program DyDo Group "Matsuri" of Japan, which was broadcast on terrestrial TV by DyDo Group Holdings, and introduce Japan's varied matsuri culture on the Internet.

* The contents are changed and updated irregularly. * Parts of the original broadcasted programs have been edited and made public.
* Please use YouTube's function settings for automatic recognition subtitles for voice and translation into different languages.

DyDo Group Japanese Matsuri Library Anytime, anywhere compilation

(Produced in 2021)

Recommended spring and summer matsuri [Kagoshima]Taro Taro Matsuri

(Produced in 2020・MBC

Recommended spring and summer matsuri [Saitama]Inomata no Hyakuhatto

(Produced in 2020・TVS

Recommended spring and summer matsuri [Aomori]Goshogawara Tachineputa

(Produced in 2018・RAB

Recommended spring and summer matsuri [Hiroshima]Futamado no Shinmeisai

(Produced in 2020・HOME

Recommended spring and summer matsuri [Miyazaki]Uchiuesai

(Produced in 2020・MRT

About DyDo Group "Matsuri" of Japan

DyDo Group "Matsuri" of Japan began in 2003, based on the group's philosophy of "Creating happiness and prosperity, together with people and with society". Through matsuri from around the country, which have been passed down earnestly, we want to contribute to the happiness of the local people, and enable them to lead more fulfilling daily lives. We also want to create bonds and invigorate local regions. With this in mind, in addition to creating and broadcasting TV programs showing the appeal of matsuri, we cooperate with local film festivals, show programs at citizen culture courses, and comprehensively collaborate with local governments.

DyDo Group "Matsuri" of Japan in detail

  • [Kagoshima]Taro Taro Matsuri

    (Produced in 2020・MBC

  • [Saitama]Inomata no Hyakuhatto

    (Produced in 2020・TVS

  • [Aomori]Goshogawara Tachineputa

    (Produced in 2018・RAB

  • [Hiroshima]Futamado no Shinmeisai

    (Produced in 2020・HOME

  • [Miyazaki]Uchiuesai

    (Produced in 2020・MRT

  • [Miyagi]Yanagisawa no Yake Hachiman

    (Produced in 2020・KHB

  • [Nagano]Toyama no Shimotsuki Matsuri

    (Produced in 2018・SBC

  • [Shimane]Matsuejozan Inarijinja Shikinen Shinkosai Horan Enya

    (Produced in 2019・TSK

  • [Oita]Kebesu Matsuri

    (Produced in 2019・OBS

  • [Miyazaki]Ichiki Koshiki Jugoya Hashira Matsu "Hi Matsuri"

    (Produced in 2017・MRT

  • [Okinawa]Ada no Shinugu

    (Produced in 2017・RBC

  • [Iwate]Hayachine Jinja Reitaisai

    (Produced in 2013・TVI

  • [Fukui]Takahama Shichinen Matsuri

    (Produced in 2019・FBC

  • [Yamanashi]Yamanashioka Jinja Azumaya-gu Shunki Reitaisai

    (Produced in 2018・YBS

  • [Okayama]Ko Hachimangu Reitaisai

    (Produced in 2019・RSK

  • [Kumamoto]Tazukurisai Hifuri Shinji

    (Produced in 2017・RKK

  • [Kagoshima]Izaku Taiko Odori

    (Produced in 2015・MBC

  • [Yamagata]Nagai Kuroshishi Matsuri

    (Produced in 2017・YBC

  • [Chiba]Kotto no Sanbaso

    (Produced in 2018・CTC

  • [Gifu]Gujo Hachiman Haru Matsuri

    (Produced in 2019・CBC

  • [Shizuoka]Yamana Jinja Tennosai Bugaku

    (Produced in 2019・SBS

  • [Hiroshima]Higashi no Sumiyoshi Matsuri Kaidenma Kyoso

    (Produced in 2016・HOME

  • [Yamaguchi]Suhoteisai

    (Produced in 2014・KRY

  • [Ehime]Matsuyama Aki Matsuri / Imadu Omikoshi

    (Produced in 2019・ITV

  • [Fukushima]Gohoden Kumano Jinja no Sairei

    (Produced in 2016・TUF

  • [Tochigi]Yamaage Matsuri

    (Produced in 2016・GYT

  • [Kanagawa]Kikuna no Ameya Odori

    (Produced in 2017・tvk

  • [Niigata]Echigo Sekikawa Taishitamonja Matsuri

    (Produced in 2018・NST

  • [Ishikawa]Seihakusai

    (Produced in 2014・MRO

  • [Kochi]Otonashi Jinja no Aki no Taisai "Chiriheppo"

    (Produced in 2019・KUTV

  • [Nagasaki]Takahama Hachiman Jinja Shuki Taisai

    (Produced in 2018・NBC

  • [Aomori]Hachinohe Sansha Taisai

    (Produced in 2019・RAB

  • [Akita]Oga no Namahage

    (Produced in 2020・AKT

  • [Saitama]Kumagaya Uchiwa Matsuri

    (Produced in 2017・TVS

  • [Toyama]Owara Kaze no Bon

    (Produced in 2018・TUT

  • [Tokushima]Awa Odori

    (Produced in 2019・JRT

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