Pharmaceutical-Related Business

Strengths and Key Features

In the Pharmaceutical-Related Business, DAIDO Pharmaceutical Corporation is expanding businesses specialized for OEM (contract manufacturing) such as nutritional drinks with pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs, and beauty tonics. Through our development/manufacturing capability boasting a daily production of 1.7 million units, and our high level of production quality, we have earned the trust of major manufacturers in Japan, and we maintain high profitability through a top-class track record as a drinkable preparations manufacturer.

A top contract manufacturer with an expanding OEM business handling research, development and manufacture of energy drinks
Maintaining and Strengthening a Safe and Reliable Production Structure, Aiming to Push Forward as a Top OEM Manufacturer

As a GMP-compliant factory able to manufacture pharmaceuticals, holding ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000, the company has established a quality control/assurance structure enabling a high level of safety, and has a powerful reputation among its clients, which include major pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food manufacturers.

An international standard for quality management systems able to be used to meet the needs of organizational customers and markets through quality assurance for products and services.
A benchmark approval standard enacted by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to combine the ISO 22000, an international standard on product safety management systems, and the PAS 220, a UK standard which is an extension of that.
Good Manufacturing Practice: A standard for manufacturing process management to ensure products are made safely and to maintain a certain level of quality, in every process from acceptance of raw materials to manufacture and shipment.
Maintaining and strengthening a safe and reliable production structure, aiming to push forward as a top OEM manufacturer
Segment with High Revenue Securing Stable Profits for the Group

The sources which generate our high profit are responsiveness enabling production of highly diverse products in small lots, a superior quality control system, and the strong trust of partner manufacturers due to those assets. Manufacturing of pharmaceutical and quasi-drugs is an industry requiring licensing, and a niche with high barriers to entry. Those factors are also linked with our high earning power, and this segment is positioned to ensure stable revenue within our group.

 operating margin trend of  Pharmaceutical-Related Business